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Christmas box

A box with a 25 year story to tell

This is a lovely story that was shared with us about one of our boxes that we sent our products to a customer over 25years ago.

In 1996 my husband and I had just celebrated our first Christmas together and needed a box to put our Christmas decorations in. At the time I worked for a company where you were one of the suppliers and I took one of your boxes home to use. Each year we wrote on the dates that we put up and took down the decorations along with other interesting things that had happened within our family each year. This box has seen our two daughters born, grow up and lead their own lives along with lots of fantastic memories of all the things we have done over the years. Every year we read the box to remind us of happy memories within our family.

It has become more and more fragile as the years have passed and on its 25th anniversary, we have decided to retire it and start a new box. We’ve run out of space to write on it and haven’t got the heart to throw it away so it is being stored in a better place than the loft.

The new box better last us for the next 25 years!

Who would have thought that something so humble could have such a heartfelt tale? If you would like to share a story about something from Berry M&H that has had an unexpected positive effect please let us know at marketing@mhplastics.com

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