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A decade of solar power for our Ellough site

In 2011 our Berry M&H Ellough site originally installed what was at the time the biggest ever solar rooftop in Britain.

As this forward-thinking development heads towards a decade of use we wanted to review the benefits it has produced, from harnessing the sun’s power.

The solar PV installation here at Berry M&H Ellough has an installed capacity of 1.65MW comprising over 7,000 solar panels. To give an idea of scale, this is approximately the size of two and a half football pitches. mounted on our warehouse roof.

Since being commissioned in July 2011 the system has produced 11.6 GWh which is approximately 8% of our total electricity consumption. Although this is affected by seasonal changes. In winter production can be as low as 2% whereas in the summer it can rise to 14%.

Our site enjoys this benefit with no minimal cost to the site for maintenance or upgrades under our 25year commitment. We buy the energy produced by the installation affording the provider with security of sale whilst expanding the network of energy harnessing natural resources. This compares favourably to the current electricity grid supply from traditional sources in terms of our carbon footprint and the long term form a sustainable sourcing perspective.

It originally cost £4million pounds to install – the equivalent of nearly £5million today. This massive spend was made possible by an investment scheme allowing hundreds of progressive small investors from across the UK to contribute sums to benefit from the FIT scheme available at the time.

We are proud to be associated with this project and having pioneered it in our sector, we seek to continue to explore renewables and sustainable solutions across our network of operations in line with the targets of the Berry Impact 2025 sustainability strategy.

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