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Adding sauce with flair the Berry M&H twist up pack

Who would have foreseen a traditional dollop of ketchup becoming a thing of the past, however, the social media age has made sauces an artistic statement.  Our 38mm twist up cap is perfect for creating food artistry. Whether you are adding truffle mayo to your fries, dosing lingonberry relish to your meatballs or putting mustard to a hotdog, our bottle and cap combination will help you to perfect your design flair!

The cap is suitable for use with the 1litre round and also the 250ml Tubular (code:5126) which has two neck finishes suitable for the closure, as shown in the image. These are made of Polypropylene (PP) which will helps maintain content integrity. The twist up action on the cap means that the sauce is easily closed and will help to keep the product drip-free, allowing you to add your condiment with a flourish.

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Where are people sharing food posts?

Instagram recently issued a report showing 39% of its billion UK Insta users identify as fans of food and or drink. In fact, it has become so popular that a new term ‘foodstagramming’ has been coined for the act of sharing and #food, #yummy #foodporn and #instafood were attached to nearly 439 million photos in 2016 a trend that continues to grow.

Pinterest also follows this movement with Forbes stating that food trends would not only be one of the favourites in 2019, but would also need to have different nuances to appeal to the wide variety of tastes and audiences.

Twitter has seen ‘food wars’ featuring on its stream with growing regularity and a growing band of food influencers have emerged.

Whereas FaceBook has acted as the place to go to advertise food delivery and restaurants. In addition to the public food sharing that is taking place.

But it doesn’t stop with pictures food creation lends itself very well to video and TikToks rise in popularity and the 2020 lockdowns have meant ‘food hacks’ and ‘Fakeaways’ feature strongly on their feeds. Finally, YouTube features a wealth of food channels, and to gain popularity the end result has to look fabulous.

Please feel free to share your food creations made using the twist up with us on  twitter: @mhplastics or FaceBook: @BerryMandH

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