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Back to School with Berry M&H

If you want to inject some fun into the functional, then Berry M&H has just the solutions for you.

Going back to school always brings with it the need for new equipment to makes sure that children and young adults have everything they need to make it through the school day. However, for classes returning for the autumn term of 2020 there is an unprecedented need for sanitiser to be on hand to keep the students and staff safe.

With that in mind, Berry M&H has a variety of novel back to school products that are designed to encourage use whilst introducing an element of play. Our funky designed animal range (code: 5529) was conceived to encourage handwashing and sanitising making this an activity that children will enjoy taking part in.

Did you know… the popular nursery rhyme Twinkle, twinkle little star is 20seconds long which is the length of time that is needed for effective handwashing. We believe seeing our playful Star shaped bottle (code: 5644) will help younger children to make this connection while washing their hands and encourage the right amount of cleaning.

As the colleges and universities return, the need for sanitising on the go is essential. We have designed two 50ml hanging tottles for this purpose; the translucent

bottle (code: 2303) and a BMPP version (code: 5E88). These have a large print area and a handy hole suitable for a clip tag or key fob to attach to a backpack or sports bag.  These would best suit older children or those working with them.

To go over the designs that are available or to request a quote and samples get in touch with our team on 01502 715518 or mail us.

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