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Berry M&H are pleased to announce their achievement of the Zero Waste To Landfill for their first attempt. The key to this much sought initiative is having all employees on-board with the initiative. The initial achievement followed the creation of internal systems for categorising, sorting, and storing various waste streams from the multiple operations within the site. The small amount of waste which cannot be recycled is incinerated and converted to energy. Alongside, an extensive training programme being conducted so all employees at all levels were engaged and enthusiastic about the scheme. The company also consistently monitors all waste streams and internal practices as part of its continuous improvement culture which has helped secure the 2021 achievement.

The site has benefited a number of ways from the new status: with staff and customers being delighted with the zero waste to landfill status and what it represents.

Mark Maydew, QHSE Manager, said β€œIt’s a great triumph to achieve this certification at our first attempt and a testament to the success of the steps we have put in place and the activities and processes that we continually monitor and review in order to maintain our status.’’

The Beccles site will continue with these proven practices and is confident that these, along with any improvements they identify and implement will see this attainment reached next year and for many years to come.