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Berry M&H succeeds in Zero Waste to Landfill

It’s an aim that many manufacturers and individuals strive to get to, but Berry M&H at their Beccles site has succeeded to reduce their waste going to landfill to zero. The small amount of waste which cannot be recycled is incinerated and converted to energy.

With all employees on-board with the initiative, the company created internal systems to sort, categorise and store waste streams from the multiple operations that the factory conducts; from producing bottles, tubes and jars, closures and other fitments and dispensing equipment for a wide range of markets. Alongside this, an extensive training programme was conducted so that all employees at all levels were engaged and enthusiastic about the initiative.

The company also consistently monitor all waste streams and internal practices as part of its continuous improvement culture. Finally, a new marshalling area was designed and set up to collate waste streams into their respective categories to ensure that their future use would be environmentally beneficial. All of this took a little over a year and the learnings that have been gained are already being applied to other Berry M&H Sites across Europe and America.

The site has benefited a number of ways from the new status: not least with customers who have expressed their delight to be working with a company who cares so much about the environment and a great team of employees who can be proud of their new zero waste to landfill status.

Joe Rahman, General Manager for the site is equally enthusiastic, “I’m so delighted that we have all worked together very hard to achieve this new status. We care about the environment deeply and everyone on this site has played a massive part in bringing this to fruition. I believe that this has the potential to place us as the foremost manufacturer in this area and an environmentally sensitive supplier to all clients, existing and new.”