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Berry PET Power working with the local community.

Our site based in Etten-Leur in The Netherlands, has partnered with other local businesses to work together with the local community to raise funds for The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF) whilst also encouraging a culture of recycling.

The Berry PET Power site acts as the South-West region collection point in The Netherlands for volunteers who collect closures. These closures are then delivered by local haulier, Axell Logistics, to Belplast a building material manufacturer who recycle the lids into adjusting wedges and filling plates for use in the construction industry. These are then weighed and Belplast donates to the D-Dog foundation who are 100% affiliated to KNGF. All the money is then donated to KNGF to use to provide training for visually impaired people and for people with other handicaps such as young children with autism, physically handicapped people in wheelchairs and people with PTSD.

To find out more visit their website https://geleidehond.nl/the-royal-dutch-guide-dog-foundation

View our video here  https://youtu.be/0CHeqig77DI

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