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Caps & Closures

Berry M&H offer an extensive range of caps, closures and dispensing systems suitable for a wide range of sectors including health and beauty, toiletry, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive, DIY, leisure and household products.

We offer closures to fit bottles, jars and tubes and the range includes screw-on, flip-tops, snap-ons, spray pumps, lotion pumps, serum pumps, trigger pumps, airless packs, foamers, disc-tops, talc caps, overcaps, roll-ons and nozzles in a vast range of shapes and sizes. The range also includes tamper-evident and child-resistant closures. Reducer plugs are available to suit most bottles together with spigot seal versions of most caps.

Examples shown:

  1. Airless Packs
  2. Disc-tops
  3. Foamers
  4. Lotion Pumps
  5. Push/Pull Closures
  6. Serum Pumps
  7. Spray Pumps
  8. Trigger Sprays

Fusion cap provides unlimited colour options

The Fusion is a new bottle shape created by Berry M&H with a revolutionary new snap-on flip top cap offering an endless choice of colour options.

The Fusion bottles are manufactured in HDPE and available in in 3 sizes – 200ml (Ref. 5964), 250ml (Ref. 5965), 400ml (Ref. 5966). A brand new cap has been designed to fit all 3 sizes. The snap-on, flip-top cap is available with the option of a coloured insert giving the opportunity for range differentiation at a cost-effective price.

The flip top cap comes with an active hinge enabling the user to open the closure and dispense product with just one hand and flat top means the bottles can be inverted for use as tottles. The cap is available with or without the insert (Fusion Cap Ref. 8443/DiFusion Cap Insert Ref. 8444).

This stylish new range is extremely versatile and is suitable for a wide range of market sectors.

X-Press Closure System

In addition we offer the X-Press patented dispensing closure system which is unique to Berry M&H. Its multi-colour components afford unlimited design opportunities and the contemporary push-button format adds to the tactile experience.

Closures are available in gloss and matt and any colour to match your brand. It is possible to obtain an enormous combination of visual effects via silk-screen printing, metallising, tampo-pad printing and hot foil blocking. Metal caps are also available which can be customised by embossing to give a premium image.

  • X-Press patented dispenser – unique to Berry M&H
  • Press dispensing mechanism incorporate a break-seal click on first application ensuring integrity until point of use
  • One-handed operation, ideal for health and personal care sector with creams, gels and lotions
  • No hinge assures lifetime use
  • Self-sealing when inverted
  • Contemporary design of push-button adds to tactile experience
  • Premium image, appeals to techno lovers
  • Multi-colour component options afford limitless design opportunities
    Small order quantities even for colour