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Human Resources

Human Resources Team

Quality and customer service are at the heart of everything we do, so it is no surprise that we need fantastic people. Our ongoing success is dependent on us delivering and exceeding our customer expectations. Attracting and retaining staff focused on quality and customer service is vital. Every member of staff makes an important contribution.

As you can see from the Training & Career Development page we love to develop our staff and are passionate about fostering our own talent. We have been facilitating a successful Apprenticeship programme since 2011.

All of our externally advertised vacancies are advertised on this website under current vacancies however if you require any additional information please feel free to contact a member of our Human Resources Team for an informal chat. Call 01502 715518 or email hr@mhplastics.com.

Berry M&H Beccles HR Dept.

Sarah Rudd, HR Manager – 01502 715518, hr@mhplastics.com
Angie Smith, HR Officer – 01502 715518, hr@mhplastics.com
Amy Crisp, HR Administrator – 01502 715518, hr@mhplastics.com

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