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Destratification Fans Keeping Staff Warm Efficiently

By its very nature, a manufacturing site working area is large. This has the challenge of keeping the operating space at a comfortable temperature for staff to work in. This is especially important when the weather outside is cold.

The heating systems in our production units, toolroom alongside the site maintenance units, all use oil space heaters to keep staff warm.

At Berry M&H we wanted to ensure that the units were heated whilst not increasing the number of heaters in them and adding to our carbon footprint.

Destratification fans were the perfect solution to this issue. These fans work by blowing the hot air trapped beneath the ceiling of these structures back down to ground level.

Destratification fans

By installing Destratification fans at high level within the buildings we have reduced our comfort heating demand by 35% and more importantly, our site has enjoyed a significant carbon reduction of 335.90 tonnes per year. The added bonus to this investment is that our annual heating spend has also been reduced and we predict that we will have achieved the return on our investment for these whilst helping decrease our carbon footprint. A win for the employees, the company and the planet.

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