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donating to good causes

Gunton Primary Academy is a local school in a neighbouring town.

Our Beccles site donated a box of bottles and caps to Gunton Primary Academy in early March after being contacted by the schools Family Support/Safeguarding Officer Michelle smart for a project that she was looking to deliver to help children understand the importance of personal hygiene.

Unfortunately, the school had to close following the national lockdown caused by Covid-19 and few of the children got to benefit from this donation.

However, those that did were very pleased to have fun in their PSHE lessons in July and each child present received a filled toiletries box and lessons in how to use the contents to improve awareness and the benefits of hygiene.

Nigel Fisher the Beccles site Assistant Quality Assurance Manager organised the donation of 450 of our 75ml European PET clear bottles and PP flip-top caps making sure that the choice was appropriate for the children and that the lids would not get lost.

“This was really important to me and I made sure that they were made of materials that would be easily recyclable for the children at either home or school. I was delighted to hear back from the school and especially that the children thought the bottles were cute.”

Michelle Smart who was instrumental in the activity within the school commented

‘so many of the children totally loved it and found it so useful that I am considering doing the same each year for these little fledglings.’