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Berry M&H Sanitiser tube

Hand Sanitiser Give Our Tubes a Squeeze

We all know everyone is desperate for hand sanitiser at the moment, and this massive surge in demand has led to an increased lead time for traditional packaging.

However, our Berry M&H Beccles site has a solution to this dilemma. The Suffolk site is one of the only producers of flexible tubes in the UK which gives it the unique ability to support its customers and consumers.

Adding to the appeal of these items is the ability to have them supplied either pre-labelled or directly printed, meaning you only need to fill them before they head out to those who need it, as swiftly as possible.

Available in-    35mm, 40mm, and 50mm diameters allowing fill capacities of 50ml – 250ml with suitable closures.

The extensive spread of COVID-19 has led to a sustained demand for sanitiser and with the current lifting of social isolating this demand is likely to remain for a significant time and new ways of supplying users with appropriate hand cleanser is needed.

Find out more about our range of tubes and the decorative effects that can be produced which could be suitable for your business requirements.

To discuss your needs, get a quote or request samples please contact our experienced team on 01502 715518 they will be happy to talk through any options available to you.

unbrranded tubes

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