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Heralding the new Mira bottle and cap from Berry M&H

The tactile design of the new Mira 475ml plastic bottle is perfect for table sauces and condiments.

It is fully compliant with modern food legislation and the wide neck makes it easy to fill on existing filling lines. In addition to being fully recyclable, the polypropylene option with EVOH barrier layer is exceptionally good for oxygen sensitive products. This helps to alleviate food waste by increasing the shelf life of a product stored under ambient conditions.

The polypropylene material lends itself particularly well to hot filling up to 95°C as well as being an excellent choice for cold fill products. The bottle takes a variety of 38/400 closures, with and without valve dispensing, all of which are produced within Berry M&H, so no need to source from two suppliers for the complete pack solution.

The Mira is available in a range of colours to reflect your brand identity.

Our Corby team has a wealth of knowledge in this area and will be happy to help you with advice on filling, choice of colours and cap options. Samples and quotes are also available – Contact the team on 01536 263488.

Available in red and natural

Mira RedMIra 460ml

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