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Introducing “The Spiral”

RPC M&H Plastics is proud to announce its new prestige effect, The Spiral.

M&H Plastics has developed a novel technique that allows a brand to add a series of ridges inside the bottle which creates a straight line or spiral effect inside the mould of bottles.

Bottles treated to the spiral effect have the choice of creating the ridges perfectly vertical or allow the ridges to curve in order to create a spiral effect.

The effect allows the bottle to still be perfectly smooth on the outside so as to not affect the experience for end customers, however inside, creates small ridges of material in order to visualise the effect. These ridges can help to mix contents within the packaging solution by acting as a figurative cement mixer while adding an up-market visual aesthetic.

M&H Plastics flexible manufacturing ethic allows low minimum order quantities from 10,000 and samples are available now in 125ml and 250ml tubulars.

M&H is currently seeking clients to further develop this new technique and encourage enquiries from interested parties.

Contact us to order your free samples to see for yourself and get the full impact of the spiral effect.

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