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Introducing the 1 litre PET Forest round!

We are pleased to have extended our range of PET Forest Boston Round bottles to include the new 1 litre size (codes: LL-RT113). This extended range now goes from 200ml to 1 litre.

We believe this product will be of particular interest for use with personal care products in particular bath products. In addition, it is perfect for household and even industrial products.

This latest plastic bottle has been developed following market interest in a larger version of one of our favourite lines. Being made of PET enables the product to be seen clearly within and the familiar design of the Tall Boston Round, which allows for a large print area so that you can bring your product to life for your customers.

While developing the 1 litre version we have ensured that it features both 28/410 and 28/415 neck options, making it suitable for current product filling lines. We are also able to provide a full solution for this product with a variety of caps provided through ourselves. Our team will be happy to guide you through the best options available to you.

In addition to the PET bottle being fully recyclable at the end of life, you have the option to have it manufactured incorporating up to 100% post-consumer recycled PET (rPET).

The standard products are available in clear PET, however, we are also able to provide this in a variety of colours if this is more appropriate to your brand requirements. In addition to the PET version we also produce Tall Boston Rounds in HDPE and our team will be happy to discuss these with you as well.

Meet the full Forest range

Forest Boston: 200ml / 250ml  / 500ml  / 600ml / 750ml / 750ml / 1000ml

Flat Bottom Forest: 300ml / 500ml

Please contact our team on 01443 225520 to discuss how the 1 litre can enhance your product range.

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