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Investment enables increased capacity for our 100ml Sphere

Berry PET Power have invested in additional capacity for the production of the popular 100ml PET Sphere range bottle, meaning greater ability to fulfil customer orders.

These bottles are available in PET and post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials in quantities from 30% and are fully recyclable in standard recycling streams allowing them to be a great choice for the circular economy.

The ‘Sphere’ are a highly trendy range of bottles. Their round shape makes them a standout choice for customers. The full range consists of six sizes from 100ml to 350ml all which feature a widely used neck finish (24SP410 and 28SP410) meaning they can easily be combined with a variety of closures including pumps, sprays and caps.

In addition to the size and closure variation, we are pleased to offer a choice of finish options including sleeving to make an eye-catching display. Or you could choose a colour palette to match your product branding.

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Sphere bottles: 100ml / 150ml / 200ml250ml / 300ml / 350ml

Closures: Cap and hook / flip top / Alu closurelotion pump / Bi Color fliptop / 28/410 closure