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ISCC Plus Accreditation at Berry M&H

We are proud to have our Beccles, Corby, and Eaton Socon sites all hold this accreditation which allows us to certify that our products contribute to a circular economy approach, based on advanced recycling mass balance. We are particularly excited to be able to use this process as it enables us to use certified circular polymers*, dependent on customer needs and in products where inclusion of post- consumer recycled (PCR) content has been difficult. At Berry M&H we believe that the food and beverage sectors will find this to be of special interest, due to the legislative restrictions on using traditional recycled materials. Along with the unchanged physical properties that it brings which are of particular advantage in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Steven Wheatley Food Sector Lead at Berry M&H said ‘I am exceptionally pleased to have the ISCC Plus at so many of our sites because it enables us to offer our customers certified circular polymer* in products and markets where we haven’t been able to previously offer recycled content’.

The ISCC Plus accreditation has been achieved by the sites undertaking audit processes remotely in 2020 and on-site in 2021. This follows the certified chain of custody from supplier through to when it is delivered to customers, using the mass balance approach.

What does this mean to our customers?

  • Assurance that the certified circular polymer* used in the products supplied by Berry M&H are linked to recycled feedstock.
  • Products can be certified and supplied without any legislative or physical restrictions.
  • If customers apply for the ISCC Plus themselves it will enable them to use the ISCC logo and make the same claims themselves directly on the finished products.

What is ISCC Plus Certification?

The accreditation of all parties ensures the custody of the supply chain from when the initial content is obtained through to the finished product on store shelves.

The certified circular content, from initial feedstock, through the advanced recycling process and manufacturing of the polymers, conversion by Berry M&H, and the final product is all ensured. At each stage the certified circular polymers* custody is carefully managed and the end product can be linked to the original feedstock from certified sources, based on a mass balance approach.

It is Berry M&H’s plan to certify additional sites to the ISCC Plus accreditation and look forward to announcing these achievements in the future.

*certified circular polymer based on advanced recycling mass balance.