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Latest Additions to RPC M&H Plastics Tubular Portfolio

Tubulars are one of the most popular bottles. The classic contemporary shape means they are ideal for a range proposition and suitable for a wide range of product sectors.

RPC M&H Plastics has a selection of over 250 tubulars in sizes from 12ml to 1 litre in various materials. Below is list of the latest new additions to the standard range.

30ml Tubular (Ref. 5A19)
50ml Non-Aerosol Tubular (Ref. 5A55)
100ml Tubular (Ref. 5105)
125ml Tubular (Ref. 5991)
150ml Tubular (Ref. 5048)
150ml Tottle (Ref. 5650)
200ml Tubular (Ref. 5049)
200ml Tubular (Ref. 5949)
250ml Tubular (Ref. 5961)
250ml Tubular (Ref. 5006)
250ml Tubular (Ref. 5969)
250ml Non-Aerosol Tubular
300ml Tubular (Ref. 5125)
1000ml Tubular (Ref. 5968)

25ml Slim Tubular (Ref. 4195)
50ml Tubular (Ref. 4200)
50ml Non-Aerosol Tubular (Ref. 4225)
40ml Tubular with 18/415 neck (Ref. 4213)
150ml Non-Aerosol Tubular (Ref. 4219)
200ml Tubular Foamer (Ref. 4210)
200ml Non-Aerosol Foamer (Ref. 4198)
250ml Tubular (Ref. 4212)
250ml Tubular Foamer (Ref. 4209)
300ml Slim Tubular (Ref. 4184)
500ml Tubular (Ref. 4199)

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Latest Additions to RPC M&H Plastics Tubular Portfolio


Rethink is a joint initiative by the Dutch plastics production and processing industry. This also includes the rubber and composite industry and its products, as well as plastics recyclers. Because PET packaging is such an important part of total plastic consumption, PET Power wholeheartedly supports this initiative.

What does Rethink want to achieve?

Rethink intends to provide information about plastic and rubber materials, production processes and products, in a fair and transparent manner. Rethink aims to make sure that the plastics industry improves its reputation and commitment with all stakeholders. Rethink ensures that we can give clear answers to questions about the role of plastics in our society.

As a manufacturer of PET bottles and jars, PET Power is increasingly asked, for example, about PET’s recycling potential. In addition, PET Power finds it important to do its bit when it comes to a cleaner world. That’s why PET Power supports, among other things, the Plastic Whale initiative.

How does Rethink want to achieve this?

Rethink intends to improve the plastics industry’s reputation by communicating well-substantiated arguments. Arguments that are based on facts and demonstrate responsibility and respect.

Our basic message is:

Plastics and rubber are part of everyone’s life. Modern society could not do without them and they are part of many essential products.

This basic message rests on the following fundamental ideas:

  • Plastics, partly because of the huge advantages in their application, make an essential contribution towards achieving a circular economy;
  • Plastics are part of the solution when it comes to a sustainable society, in which safety, health and the comfort of people and the environment are central issues;
  • Plastics are too valuable to just throw away and need to be reused as much as possible. There are countless examples of where our PET bottles have been given a second life;
  • The industry acknowledges the social topics and discussions about plastics and rubber, and is working constructively on solutions and improvements.

You can find more information about Rethink: www.rethinkplastics.nl