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Lightbulb Moment For Our Beccles Site

Moving to LED bulbs

We all know the benefits of replacing our old lightbulbs at home. However, you can imagine the scale of change for implementing this policy across the workplace. Then make that workplace a site the size of the plant at Berry M&H Beccles and you have a significant challenge to complete. The daunting size of the task becomes quite immense for replacing the incandescence and fluorescent bulbs for this entire network of 34 factory units.

Not only is the task mammoth in terms of energy efficiency but also the time that it has taken to complete. The final stage of our LED lighting replacement program is now underway. With each individual bulb that is replaced having a positive impact on the environment through the reduction of power that is needed to produce the required lux levels of light.

This activity was no mean feat, involving the replacement of in excess of 400 traditional light bulbs with energy efficient LED units. These will be installed in the production offices in the ultimate part of this enterprise. The conclusion of this move to LED lighting will deliver a return on CO2 saving of 76.41 tonnes per year, making this everyday ‘light bulb moment’ a real winner for the environment.

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