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L jerryCan with Pelican Pump

Limited time offer complete 5L Jerry Can with Pelican Pump

Berry M&H have combined the 5L Compact Jerry Can (code: UKI-RT510) with a functional 38mm Pelican Pump allowing customers to easily use the contents when they need it.

We believe the Pelican Pump is particularly useful for services with a particular demand for cleansing as the pump is suitable for dispensing hand sanitiser in bulk format. An area that many businesses are needing to meet given the ongoing demands from Covid-19 and the additional cleaning requirements of the Coronavirus.

We have stock readily available in the UK so make sure you get in contact with our commercial team soon to ensure that you do not miss out.

The clean, white pump closure dispenses a 30ml measured dose which ensures product use is controlled. While the Pelican Pump is only available as a complete pack solution with our 5L Compact Jerry Can. We are able to provide alternative closure options if they are more suitable for your needs, please contact the Commercial team for further details.

Berry M&H have a long history in providing packaging support to the industrial sector find out more here.

5L Jerry Can

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