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Looking for agrochemical packaging, then look no further!

We are thrilled to be able to offer a range of large PET bottles suitable for the agrochemical market. The capacity ranges from 1,000ml up to 5,000ml and they come with a 45mm diameter neck finish. In addition, we are able to offer the 2,000ml to 5,000ml ranges with a handle to help dispense the product smoothly.

The PET bottles are available in a variety of different colours, and this along with a large area for labelling gives you the ability to produce a bottle suitable for your own unique brand identity. These plastic bottles can be made in post-consumer recycled (PCR) material in 30% rPET if required.

This range combination is already used within the agrochemical market and has been of particular attraction with liquid fertiliser and powdered plant food. However, its versatility can lend itself for use with a variety of other products in this market. These bottles are also suitable for other sectors or subsectors for instance food, especially cooking oils, automotive for screen wash and professional cleaning and janitorial products.

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