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M&H supporting the Beccles Bombles

The Beccles Bombles are a local volunteer group, set up and run by the local Green Party East Suffolk Councillors.

Normally the volunteers meet weekly to litter pick across the town, however during 2020 they have not been as active as they would like due to the lockdowns. After restrictions lifted, the group have been back to being active, met in a socially distanced manner, and carried on making their outdoor spaces litter-free.

One positive outcome of people taking regular daily exercise close to home has meant that the Beccles Bombles have seen an upsurge in volunteers. So much so that they will be setting up a junior group in addition to the adult volunteers. To help these younger members feel they are part of the group, Berry M&H have supplied some smaller hi-vis vests to go with the adult ones they donated two years ago which were very much appreciated. The vests help ensure their volunteers safety whilst Bombling about and promoting Berry M&H in a responsible manner in the local community.

Local Green Party councillor Caroline Topping gratefully received the donations stating ‘As a group, we hugely appreciate the ongoing support of Berry M&H, who have been wonderful in supplying both the initial hi-vis which explained to members of the public who we are and what we are doing whilst keeping us safe, but now we have a junior group and they also have the hi-vis, it really makes them feel part of something bigger and that they are part of the wonderful work the adult group are doing.’

To find out more about the Bombles great community work, visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1751540178409696/about