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New 1L Round Bottle

With its modern take on the traditional squeezy bottle design, our new 1 litre Round bottle will provide an attractive addition to any sauce or condiment range.  Choose from a natural finish or a range of colours to suit your own branding requirements.

Manufactured in soft and durable polypropylene (PP), in its multilayer version – with the availability of hot-filling up to 95°C – the bottle will provide effective long-term protection of your product for an extended ambient shelf-life with no loss of quality.

For more details or to discuss samples or filling requirements, please contact Berry M&H Corby. Call 01536 263488 or email sales@rpc-corby.com.

The bottle is ideal for the foodservice, fast food and retail sectors.  Two neck sizes – 31mm and 38mm – enable it to be used with a variety of closure designs, including the increasingly popular Top Down version, in line with your product’s particular characteristics.  Its light weight and easy ‘squeezability’ provide maximum convenience for the end-user.

The bottle can be used on existing filling lines, allowing you to change your look without changing your process.  A monolayer version is also available.

Effective product protection and accurate portion control will help to minimise food waste, and the bottle is fully recyclable.

Attractive and practical, the new 1 litre Round bottle from Berry M&H Corby is a versatile addition to our standard range.

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