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New addition foamer from Berry M&H

The new Berry M&H 100ml Tubular Foamer is a great addition to our catalogue of products, joining the Tubular Foamer range in which has capacities from 50ml to 250ml available in PET and HDPE.

The new PET 100ml foamer like the rest of the line features a 43mm neck which allows for ease and speed of filling on the same lines as others from the collection. Additionally, you can have the bottle made from Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) rPET in quantities from 30%.

We are able to supply the plastic bottles with 43mm F2 and F3 pumps to go with these plastic Tubular Foamers.

The foamer comes at a time when hand cleansing is still a priority and having a standout product is key, with that in mind we can offer a wide range of options to you to make this item stand out whether that is using a colour target or adding your brands unique decoration. Our team are available to talk you through the options available to best accommodate your needs.

For samples, a quote and to discuss all your foamer needs, please call 01502 715518 or email our sales team.

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