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New Electric Vehicle Charging Points Installed

In early 2020 As part of the drive to be more sustainable, Berry M&H has installed new electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the visitor area of its car-park. Electric vehicles are known to produce less air pollution through harmful exhaust emissions.

The on-site charging points will be available for any visitors and customers to use, free of charge. We have ensured that they are suitable for a majority of EV to enable as many people as possible to help benefit the environment. It is the future aim of the site to only purchase EV going forwards as company and pool cars for staff to use which will also help to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the company.

Joe Rahman, General Manager for the site, says, “we have a responsibility to the environment and we are constantly looking at ways in which we can reduce our impact on the environment. We have already achieved zero waste to landfill and reduced our water consumption and electricity usage over the past year and this initiative will encourage both our staff and visitors to adopt more sustainable practices. Just the other day we had seven visitors, three of which came in electric cars and we feel that we need to support this to the greater good for our planet.”

Berry M&H will monitor the use of these new charging points and are keen to encourage their use and install more as the demand increases.