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Graphic design service

New Graphic design service available from Berry M&H

At Berry M&H we have a team of design experts whose services we are pleased to now be able to offer to our customers. This team is used to working with businesses on the design needs for their packaging whilst also understanding the confines of printing on plastic packaging.

This service is available for a wide variety of products produced at Berry M&H. So if you have some products in tubes, others in bottles and another in jars we will work out the best solution for your full range whilst incorporating your brand design requirements.

Working with you our team will put together a design brief to meet all your needs from your concepts and ideas to deliver work based on existing work through to custom designs created from scratch.

Unlike external designers not only do we understand the print machines available, but we also understand the materials that are used across the different sectors and we can apply this to the creative process so that you can be confident that the designs you see will be fully achievable on the packaging you need for your products.

To discuss how you can take advantage of our full design service talk to our team on 01502 715518.

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