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CosmeticBusiness Munich offers everything for exciting and innovative cosmetic products!   At the MOC event centre, Munich, on 14-15 June, it has everything from care to decorative products, from ingredients to production and packaging.  Looking for new packaging ideas? Want to quickly trial a new product? Then meet Berry Distribution at CosmeticBusiness!  Berry Distribution will …

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Sporting events have traditionally been a highlight of the calendar. In addition to playing many more people love watching local, national, and international games and events. With that in mind Berry PET Power have created a variety of novelty plastic jars to celebrate these events. Whether you are looking for a giveaway trophy for local …

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Introducing Our Complete Full Line up of Snap Secure Containers

Snap Secure is one of the many healthcare product ranges available for vitamin supplements and tablets. We are able to offer these as a complete pack solution with suitable closures. While medicine capsules is the most usual use for these products they have also been used for curry and spice containers for the food sector …

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Short Lead times on selected UK produced Trigger bottles

To help customers meet the continuing strong demand for trigger spray bottles, Berry M&H has created additional capacity across selected lines. These are available in a variety of styles to best suit your brand. The bottles are manufactured in PET and can incorporate post-consumer recycled material (PCR) at either 35% or 100%, subject to compatibility …

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Short lead times for our UK produced Complete pack E-Cig bottles

Berry M&H is a well known supplier of complete pack E-Cigarette (e-cig) bottles. We are pleased to be able to offer the 10ml round which is the perfect size for customers to have as a refill for vaping devices. The 10ml bottle is available with our 12mm plug and closure. The closure is tamper evident …

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