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Tried and tested closures for the commercial and homecare sectors

We at Berry M&H are proud of the wide variety of products we offer, but there are some that are always customer favourites. We would like to highlight three such closures for the commercial and homecare sector. UCP-X0252 38/23 Non-Tamper Evident with EPE liner or IHS liner UCP-X0254 38/23 Tamper Evident with EPE liner or …

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New 250ml joins the Medipac Range

Berry M&H has introduced the new 250ml Medipac (code: MR-R/0207) plastic bottle which brings the Medipac range to now be available in four sizes 90ml, 150ml,175ml and the new 250ml, which all feature a 38\R3 neck. Medipac bottles are perfect for healthcare products and have been specifically developed for tablets, capsules, and other solid dose …

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The Sphere range from Berry PET Power is out of this world

The elegant design of the Sphere range makes these plastic bottles a bewitching option to customers in store. They are perfect for personal care products with a wide variety of closures such as pumps, sprays and caps. Alternatively, they could be an interesting gifting option for beverages. These stunning plastic orbs are available in six …

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Berry PET Power working with the local community.

Our site based in Etten-Leur in The Netherlands, has partnered with other local businesses to work together with the local community to raise funds for The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF) whilst also encouraging a culture of recycling. The Berry PET Power site acts as the South-West region collection point in The Netherlands for …

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push-on oval flip top with orifice

Introducing the new push-on oval flip-top closure with 3mm orifice

Our Norwich Site has been working on a new variant to an existing closure offered by Berry M&H. Available in gloss or matt finishes.  This can be used in a ‘top-up’ bottle format which lends itself to many Personal Care applications including shower gel and lotions.  This is in addition to our silicone valve option …

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Ellough one year reportable accident free

With so much happening in the world throughout 2020, the accomplishment of the Berry M&H Ellough site is even more remarkable. Having achieved a full year of being reportable accident-free, Blue, BRC, and ISO Compliant, the staff at the site were given some practical gifts which are particularly relevant at this time. With so much …

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