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Looking for agrochemical packaging, then look no further!

We are thrilled to be able to offer a range of large PET bottles suitable for the agrochemical market. The capacity ranges from 1,000ml up to 5,000ml and they come with a 45mm diameter neck finish. In addition, we are able to offer the 2,000ml to 5,000ml ranges with a handle to help dispense the …

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RecyClass reclassify EVOH as fully recyclable

Following a number of retests Ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH) has been reclassified by RecyClass as fully recyclable when used as a barrier layer on Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) containers. The results of the testing showed that EVOH at less than 6% of the component weight has no effect on recyclability so is graded as “A” …

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M&H supporting the Beccles Bombles

The Beccles Bombles are a local volunteer group, set up and run by the local Green Party East Suffolk Councillors. Normally the volunteers meet weekly to litter pick across the town, however during 2020 they have not been as active as they would like due to the lockdowns. After restrictions lifted, the group have been …

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Plump for our Fat Sharp Cylindrical to enhance your product.

These handsome bottles are available in 300ml and 500ml options both of which have the 28SP410 neck finish. This neck size gives them the ability to be combined with many closure options to make them a very versatile product in your line up. These bottles lend themselves beautifully to personal and health care products like …

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A fully CRC Certified complete pack offered by Berry M&H

We are thrilled to be able to offer a complete CRC Certified Pack comprised of our 500ml PET Single Grip Bottle (code: LL-2022) paired with the 28mm Deep Non-Vented R4 Clic-Loc cap with the EPE42 liner (code: UCP-x952). This combination will have particular appeal for use with disinfectant and antiseptic products in the cleaning and …

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Nova is the new star in sauce bottles from Berry M&H

Nova is an exciting new range available from Berry M&H and is a welcome addition to our hot fill product portfolio. These new additions are available in 250ml and 500ml. ‘These bottles offer an eye-catching shape that I believe will give them significant shelf appeal, they are also very tactile and it has been a …

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