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PET Power Seasonal X JAR

Showing our affection with a new jar from PET Power

An X is known internationally as the symbol for a kiss, and in these times where we are encouraged to limit touching to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we all need this symbol more than ever. With that in mind at Berry PET Power, we have developed the ideal plastic jar for this gesture. …

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Heralding the new Mira bottle and cap from Berry M&H

The tactile design of the new Mira 475ml plastic bottle is perfect for table sauces and condiments. It is fully compliant with modern food legislation and the wide neck makes it easy to fill on existing filling lines. In addition to being fully recyclable, the polypropylene option with EVOH barrier layer is exceptionally good for …

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Surface cleaners from Berry M&H

Focus on surface cleaning solutions from Berry M&H

As the fight against the Covid-19 continues and as we hit the seasonal flu season, cleaning surfaces becomes even more important, in order to prevent illness in both our homes and workplace to ensure the health of ourselves, our families, friend, and colleagues. So, whether you are selling to consumers or need to supply products …

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Massmould liner

Monomaterial wide mouth lids with liner now available from Berry M&H

We are very excited to announce the latest in our innovations aimed to make our products easier for end users to recycle through standard streams in line with the Berry Impact 2025 sustainability strategy. This project – which has been pioneered by our Massmould sites working in partnership with our Berry Supplier – was to …

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Graphic design service

New Graphic design service available from Berry M&H

At Berry M&H we have a team of design experts whose services we are pleased to now be able to offer to our customers. This team is used to working with businesses on the design needs for their packaging whilst also understanding the confines of printing on plastic packaging. This service is available for a …

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Christmas box

A box with a 25 year story to tell

This is a lovely story that was shared with us about one of our boxes that we sent our products to a customer over 25years ago. In 1996 my husband and I had just celebrated our first Christmas together and needed a box to put our Christmas decorations in. At the time I worked for …

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