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Group 1 L syrup with pelican pump and cap

Our 1 Litre syrup bottle is pleased to make your acquaintance.

As the UK’s customer-facing food and beverage industries reopen, Berry M&H would like to take the opportunity to introduce our new 1 Litre bottle.

This 1L bottle is perfect for use with syrups, fruit mixes, sauces, frappes, liqueurs, and smoothies, as people enjoy the freedom to participate in life’s little pleasures again.

The strong shape has been specially designed to be resilient within the fast-paced environment of restaurants, pubs, and cafes. By offering a fully recyclable plastic bottle as an alternative to glass, it aims to give effective protection against breakages making it a safer choice both during transit and whilst being used in food preparation areas.

As an organisation we are constantly working towards the targets of the Berry Impact 2025 sustainability strategy. With the ability to up to 100% food-grade post-consumer recycled PET (rPET), you can help to contribute towards a circular economy for plastic. Plastic solutions are often lighter weight than traditional alternatives which can have a positive environmental impact throughout the supply chain such as reduced energy and raw material consumption.

 ‘We believe our newest 1L Syrup bottle will enhance the experience of your consumers in a creative and tasteful way. We have aimed to make this bottle appealing to the eye as well as functional’ said Dean Williams Area Sales Manager at Berry M&H’s Llantrisant site responsible for this new creation.

We are able to provide this bottle with a selection of closures whether you are looking for standard caps or pumps to help with food dosage, our team will be able to help find the best solutions for your needs.

If you would like to know more, get a quote, or have some samples please contact the team on 01443 225520 they will be happy to talk through all the options available to you.