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Packaging for modern brands

RPC M&H Plastics can offer the tubular range with matching 8398 closure which is exclusive to these three tubular bottles and tottle.

Reference numbers and capacities available (left to right):

 5650 (150ml) – 5048 (150ml) – 5049 (200ml) – 5006 (250ml).

The 8398 cap features a cam lock mechanism which is designed to centre the recess of the flip top cap in the exact same position when screwed into place, every time, making it easy to create a uniform design when combined with your brands’ decoration by eliminating any resting place variables.

Create the pack in your brands colour with full-colour matching and M&H Plastics in-house decorations services available on both packaging solution and closure. Let the M&H Tubular range show off your brand in 2019.

The uniform straight edge nature of the range is a perfect companion for the minimalist decoration style, bringing a sleek, modern aesthetic to your product.

Easily create a family of products with one range of packaging by changing small decoration aspects such as print or closure colour to add variation between product SKUs.

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