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Presenting the Berry M&H Mouthwash standard pack range

Berry M&H offers a wide range of bottles and closures designed specifically for mouthwash.

Mouthwash is known to be a great addition to oral health routines. There are a variety of products designed to help with individual needs and we have the plastic packaging to best show these products applications. Our plastic bottles are available in a variety of shapes and capacities we offer a complete pack solution including matching closures.

Mouthwash products available from Berry M&H 

We are able to supply all of these bottle options that are compatible with tamper evident and child resistant closure, (code: UCP-X0243 and Code: MH-8600) in addition the UCP-X0243 has the added feature of a 10 and 20ml dose line etched into the cap inner.

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The benefits of Mouthwash

Every smile is unique and the mouthwash needed will depend on individual dental requirements. Keeping healthy teeth and gums is vital at all times of life whether your product is for ‘baby’ teeth or denture wearers. Different formulas will help protect teeth and gums in addition helping control plaque and freshening breath. The NHS recommend using a mouthwash containing fluoride to help prevent tooth decay, while the Oral Health Foundation suggest products containing Chlorhexidine for the effective treatment of gum infections. However, it is best to talk to your trusted own dental professional about the best product for your own dental hygiene.

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