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RecyClass reclassify EVOH as fully recyclable

Following a number of retests Ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH) has been reclassified by RecyClass as fully recyclable when used as a barrier layer on Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) containers. The results of the testing showed that EVOH at less than 6% of the component weight has no effect on recyclability so is graded as “A” and above 6% has only a minor effect on recycling streams and achieves a “B” grade. *

Berry M&H mainly use EVOH in their barrier containers for products produced at the Corby site where they make a wide variety of plastic bottles and plastic jars for various food products for both the retail and commercial sectors. In addition, our Beccles site also uses EVOH on as a barrier layer in tubes.

Brian Lodge UK Design Director, said “It is fantastic news that the testing has shown that this material has been classified as recyclable as the benefits of it to food production and its prevention of food waste is well documented. As a business, we continue to find new ways to improve all our products recyclability as we head towards our Impact 2025 target of having all of our products recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.”

What is EVOH

EVOH barrier protection is commonly used in food packaging. It is known to provide a high oxygen barrier while keeping flavours in. This protective barrier helps to reduce food waste by extending the shelf life of food. So its new classification is an added advantage to its positive environmental impact.

Who are Recyclass

RecyClass is an organisation that certifies products and materials as recyclable or not. They use a grading system from A to F, with grade A being totally circular through to F which contains no recyclable features. Grades A to C are deemed to be commonly recyclable whereas D to F are not commonly recyclable.

Originally set up by Plastics Recyclers Europe, RecyClass are recognised across Europe as the trade organisation dedicated to improving the circularity of plastics packaging. Berry are a member of Plastics Recyclers Europe.

To find out what products are currently available using this barrier production or to work on your own customised product contact our team on 01502 715 518

*This does not affect the situation in the USA where APR acknowledge that EVOH is acceptable in recycling streams but it recommends that Its use should be minimized to maintain the best performance of recycled PP for future uses.