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Reintroducing Our Corby ‘Retail Range’

The ‘Retail Range’ of bottles from Berry M&H Corby, with their modern, top-down design and good contact clarity are ideal for oxygen sensitive food products such as sauces and dressings.

The bottle range is fully compliant with modern food legislation requirements making them perfect for both hot and cold filling.

The ‘Retail Range’ is available in the following styles and sizes:

Euro Squeeze200ml, 250ml, 350ml, 500ml & 970ml

Orion300ml, 452ml, 670ml & 960ml

Hercules300ml, 452ml

Berry M&H Corby is the multilayer extrusion blow moulding specialist within the Berry M&H Cluster, offering a one-stop service for the supply of high-quality food packaging solutions to reflect what you want to achieve for your brand.

contact the team or give them a call on 01536 263488 to find out more about their retail range and the other products they are able to supply you with.

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