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Relax with RPC M&H Plastics and Mibelle Group Brands NSPA

RPC M&H Plastics recently completed work on two 225ml flexible tubes for Mibelle Group Brands new nspa Sacred Spa Range.

The Flexible tubes feature an all over tranquil silk-screen print designed to make the products stand out and give a feeling of zen while creating a clear centre piece for the npsa logo and product information.

The two variations of tube come in Body Polish, and Body Lotion, with the navy blue and maroon pattern clearly separate the products.

Originally, the floral print was intended to only surround the nspa logo and product information. However, with RPC M&H Plastics suggestion and ability to print the full length of the tube, Mibelle Group Brands soon chose to take advantage of this by encompassing the whole tube with the zen-like print, ensuring the Sacred Spa packaging stands out on the shelves and looks stunning in the bathroom.

The nspa logo also features an intricate tranquil pattern to make up the large ā€˜nā€™ on the tubes face, the pattern is made up of foil blocking which creates a premium feel on an already exceptional design.

The end design is a beautiful example of what can be accomplished when you have a close working relationship with a manufacturer who is in tune with the brands core values and can make design recommendations that enhance the finished product. Nspa Sacred Spa is exclusive to ASDA and now in stores.