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Stacka in aisle

Stackable square

Introducing our new ‘Staka’ stackable 500ml Jar

With space being premium within the store, through e-commerce channels and in your customer’s cupboards at home we have created a new stackable square round range to help solve this dilemma.

We have paired this 500ml PP/EVOH/PP jar with our 63mm cap which is available in a variety of colours to suit your brand’s needs.

The base has a 63mm recess at the bottom allowing them to be easily stacked and very stable.

The wide mouth allows for ease of filling and the PP multilayer ensures product integrity and hot fill capability.

The plastic jar could have a second life purpose as a great storage container and is also recyclable* after use.

John Richardson General manager of the Corby site at Berry M&H was key in the development of the jar said ‘many of our customers have approached us over the years keen to develop stackable jars for all sorts of products from spices and sauces from our food clients to lubricants in the commercial sector, so we feel confident that there is a need for this design’

Contact the Berry M&H team who will be happy to talk to you about the best options for you to suit your business

*This product may not be recyclable in your area.

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