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Ultra Soft Touch on Mádaras Tubes

Mádara Organic Skincare has again partnered with RPC M&H Plastics, to create an ultra-soft touch packaging solution which complements the calming effect of Mádara’s Supreme Hydration body lotion and hand cream which are aimed at consumers who are conscious of using organic products.

The new tube’s ultra-soft texture is created by co-extruding a special additive with a LLDPE/HDPE polymer mixture.

The decoration of the packaging is kept simple to maximise the soft touch area, ensuring that however you grip the flexible tubes, your hand is caresses a gentle comforting texture and the luxury feel Mádara’s customers have come to expect.

Atop the front of the tube is a minimalist representation of a Latvian north country meadow flower created by silk screen printing which was designed to reference Mádara’s Latvian roots as well as the organic nature of the products.

Mádara chose to package their product in a flexible tube due to the ergonomics that naturally accompany the tube design, product can easily be squeezed out, ensuring minimal waste and less plastic is used in the creation of the packaging.

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